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Quarterly PC Sales data exposes the next thing

Canalys with their quarterly PC market data – up, 23% year on year.    Chromebooks were the best performing client PC product in Q3, as shipments grew 122% to a total of 9.4 million. 

Detachables (tablets and notebooks) grew 88% and were the second-best performing category in personal computing. 

Within desktops, all-in-ones grew 7% despite an overall desktop market decline of 32%.

Quoting channel life,

Tablets and Chromebooks came to the fore in the context of affordable computing, as the pandemic continued to positively influence PC ownership and usage for various purposes. 

Vendors and channel partners shifted resource allocation towards production and distribution of tablets and Chromebooks to meet this surging demand, which is expected to continue in the short-term.

And from the analyst:

Tablets are a natural choice for first-time PC users who want something uncomplicated and affordable to work with. The natural extension of Android and iOS on tablets makes it easy for parents, students and educators who dabbled with extended remote learning for the first time in their lives and prefer the ease of installing apps that these platforms offer. Another contributing factor is the role these tablets play in the accelerated pace of digital transformation that big and small companies are undertaking. Connected tablets allow businesses to deploy endpoints at crucial stages in their customer and salesforce journeys, thereby helping these businesses ride the storm. Tablets will find themselves at the heart of every digital transformation going forward.”

Why do we care?

The resurgence of tablets and the rise of Chromebooks is my takeaway here.   That analyst insight is key – these are highly functional ways to embrace a computing environment for a significant number and type of users.   The cloud is reshaping the edge, and the pandemic helped accelerate that.

You care because as an IT service provider, you want to ensure you have a strategy for this segment.      This is the segment that is growing – and growth is an opportunity.

Source: Channel Life NZ