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How Effective are the technologies being implemented?

A new poll on how we’re doing with training and effectiveness of technology in business.  The headline – it’s not good!

  • 68% of workers surveyed by The Harris Poll on behalf of Yoh said they face “at least one challenge” concerning the software they use to do their jobs, according to Oct. 28 results .
  • Problems include companies adding software regularly, having too much software technology, not having the right software for the job and difficulty learning how to use the software. 
  • 40% of workers surveyed said they didn’t feel comfortable asking their employer for assistance with a learning solution.
  • 13% of employees surveyed said they were “completely unaware” of tech changes at their companies. And only 29% said their employers introduce technologies to help them do their jobs.

Why do we care?

If you’re not listening to that horrified… well… hit that back button on your podcast player and listen again.

This should scream opportunity and huge risk.   Selling training, education, and ongoing enablement of technologies as a service is the key to success.     Sell that solution!     

And if you don’t, know that you are risking a huge failure.   If employees do not view that they have the right software to do their job, and you have been the provider advising on how to implement technology, the blame falls to you.    You’re one mistake away from being shown the door here.    It’s not enough to implement a technology, you have to ensure it’s actually being used and it’s effective.  

Source: CIO Dive