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Gartner gives insight into the EMEA Market

Gartner analysts are saying that the EMEA IT Market will be up 2.8 percent next year, following an anticipated 6.5% drop this year.   Businesses are expected to prioritize digital transformation efforts, and enterprise software and datacenter systems and devices will be the categories with the most growth.

Desktop-as-a-service will see spend shoot up 60% in EMEA in 2021, and remote workers will make up 48% of the UK’s workforce next year, with Germany at 38% and France at 34%.  

Why do we care?

Besides the fact that the audience for this podcast is not just American…  The trends are the same even if the percentages are different.  Compare the UK to Germany to France – all are different… but all are significant.  Do you care specifically if it’s 48 or 38%? Not really, just that its up so significantly.

These trends are playing out globally, and so you care because it’s relevant and actionable.   I loathe digital transformation as a phrase, but the concept is solid.     That’s the high value business services where you link to a business outcome the use of technology.  Do more of that.

Source: Channel Partner Insight