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Amazon announces Care Hub

Amazon has announced Care Hub, an Alexa feature focused on caring for aging family members.     As of Wednesday, customers can link their account to an aging loved one’s account.  Once the invite is accepted, the caregiver can send alerts and view the relative’s activity feed, and there is an emergency contact feature to connect for help.

Why do we care?

This is consumer product, and let’s be clear, I’m not focused on this specific product for sales.  I’m interested in the trend and the specific use case. 

The reason I’m keen on voice is because of the new ways it allows the technology to be used.  This is a effective use of voice technology to solve this use case, and just like some of the business solutions available also rolling out.

Continue to think of voice as a UI, and look for applications for it in that sense.  That’s the value I see here. 

Source: CNBC