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TechAisle: How to build a SMB Cloud Strategy

TechAisle has released new insights into the development of an SMB Cloud Strategy, focused on how technology is deployed and consumed within SMBs.   The study focuses on five key issues.

  1. Cost
  2. Available Resources
  3. Solution customization and consistency
  4. Manageability and migration
  5. Security and data privacy.

And quoting the study: “Before IT suppliers venture into explaining the “how”‘ of cloud to SMBs, they need to answer a fundamental question: what issues are driving the need to understand and invest in cloud services, what is prompting the demand, and what factors are relevant to an SMB executive?

Why do we care?

This isn’t groundbreaking, to be fair.      You might be listening saying “yeah, so”.   I highlighted it because the study also asked “how to meet the new normal business needs”.

The same way the old normal, and the same way the next normal or the now normal.   The equation isn’t the different, and you can over think the basics.   The conditions are not the same as the fundamentals, and the fundamentals have and will remain a constant.   

Don’t over think it… and also, remember that these business questions are way more important than the technical ones AND the business condition concerns.   There’s a reason they call them fundamentals.

Source: TechAisle