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Canalys says up when data says down

Longtime listeners know I love a good analyst report, and Canalys recently presented at a channel forum and, as might be expected, touted the channel’s vitality and “the most profitable year ever” for the channel.

Highlighted – the SME infrastructure market faced difficulty in 2020, but the company expects it to “recover a little in 2021.”.

Also quoted:  ““The number of trading customers is down in the UK and Europe by around 10%, according to data from Context.  And while corporate resellers had a great first half, the second half of 2020 has been more challenging.

Link to the full article in the show notes.

Why do we care?

I’m calling this optimism porn right out.    The way the piece is composed doesn’t actually relay the data of why the analyst thinks things are so great – and the data cited, in my mind, shows actual damage.  

That said, besides being garbage… we care for a different reason.  That reason – you can look at the data they present and see that in fact, the market is down, and you should be ignoring the cheerleading and making those adjustments to your plan.  

Source: Computer Weekly