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Microsoft is coming for Zoom: with goals

While on video chat, Business Insider has given insights into the way Microsoft is pushing to take on Zoom and WebEx – by tying employee bonuses to performance.  The company is awarding bonuses based on whether they help “win against Zoom and WebEx for meetings”.     Using their “core priorities” system, which measures individual performance against goals, is pushing staff to achieve goals such as “create customer value by accelerating cloud consumption/usage, supportability, and influence upsell – drive monthly active usage [MAU] of meetings on Teams, and platform and apps on Teams.” 

Why do we care?

In the weekend editorial, I spoke about the power of platforms.    If you needed more data showing Microsoft’s investment in this strategy, here it is.

Helping customers unlock that value requires consulting related to policies and procedures is of equal importance to technology, and providers may need fewer sys admins and engineers while needing more policy writers and trainers.   Those are business results people, and this isn’t technical skills but business ones… and it’s unlikely owners are converting sys admins into these roles.

You’ll then be tying these people to their goals – just like Microsoft.    So you have two takeaways… the platform and the performance.

Source: Business Insider