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Two results in from the elections we care about

Following up on that vote in Massachusetts, the right to repair law in that state has been expanded, now allowing vehicle owners and independent repair facilities to have the same diagnostic and repair information that is available to the dealers and authorized repair facilities.       The new legislation is now updated to include wireless technologies.

Also of note, California voters approved Prop 22, which exempts companies such as Uber and Lyft from having to classify their workers as employees.  

Why do we care?

Right to Repair is something that providers should be interested in, as there is a logical connection to the kind of repairs done in vehicles to the kinds of repairs done to IT hardware.  

Work is changing.   I’m not going to say I agree with Uber and Lyft here.   This is going to be a messy exploration of what is needed with labor.

Your tactical advantage is that you can make decisions about how you invest in your people, knowing they are the vast majority of your expense.

Strategically, you care because a healthy, vibrant labor force – with increasing wages – is good for an economy.     Frankly, I think we need to work on that dynamic to have wins for ALL stakeholders, not just shareholders… and tactically, believe those companies that figure this out for themselves will outperform.

Source: WWLP

Source: The Verge