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Lessons on customer experience from the other side of the globe

Pulling from the other side of the globe because of the lessons to be learned.    Genesys released a report focused on Asia-Pacific Customer Experience Transformation Readiness, and here are the highlights.  Quoting Channel Life NZ:

Business continuity planning has taken on new meaning in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic across all industries, especially in markets with large contact centres, Genesys finds.

In fact, almost 63% of companies surveyed across all regions have work-from-home strategies to support business continuity but only a quarter (26%) can support over 70% of agents to function remotely.

The survey also found that artificial intelligence (AI) is fast becoming a critical pillar of the overall experience strategy. In fact, 70% of companies surveyed across all regions have adopted AI capabilities such as chatbots and voice bots, of which 41% report over 30% automation rates.

Why do we care?

Don’t be dismissive of this data because of the focus on Asia-Pacific.     Think of this list:

  • Business continuity planning importance is up
  • A focus on work from home to support businesses going forward
  • Leveraging AI (and data) for customer experience

Let’s assume the percentages are irrelevant – the lessons are not.  

Source: Channel Life NZ