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IoT projected to increase further, per Gartner

Some new Gartner data on IoT – per reporting in IoT Business News,

By 2023, One-Third of Companies That Have Implemented IoT Will Also Have Implemented AI in Conjunction With at Least One IoT Project.


Despite the disruptive impacts of COVID-19, 47% of organizations plan to increase their investments in the Internet of Things (IoT), according to a recent survey* from Gartner, Inc. 

As a result of COVID-19, 31% of survey respondents said that they use digital twins to improve their employee or customer safety, such as the use of remote asset monitoring to reduce the frequency of in-person monitoring, like hospital patients and mining operations.The survey showed that 27% of companies plan to use digital twins as autonomous equipment, robots or vehicles.Why do we care?

Digital twins is a topic area we’ve previously discussed over on Killing IT, and that data jumped out at me.    With COVID as an accelerant, all trends are pulled up quickly.      Digital twins has data management all wrapped up in it, and this is an exciting business opportunity area.

Any internet of things effort is long past emerging technology and into the realm of established technology.  With efforts being increased (note increase, not first time), this is an area of established opportunity.

Source: IOT Business News