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Politics in business: Tech companies wrestle with the choice

The New York Times looks at Tech Startups, and the question “to do, or not do, politics”.

Small technology startups, venture capitalists, and tech executives are grappling with the decision to address or not address politics in the workplace and their own company stands on the issue.

The times contrasts the position of declaring a politics free zone, such as the Chief Executive of Coinbase’s recent blog post calling to avoid engaging with broader social issues, versus the chief executive of Expensify, who emailed his 10 million customers imploring them to embrace politics by choosing Joe Biden.

Why do we care?

Besides the obvious point that business leader are going to need to make a decision on their own strategies here, particularly with younger employees demanding more social justification in their work, I want to make another one.

Politics is not only national, but local.    In many cases, there is long since proven evidence to the importance of local politics.    Small organizations can focus their efforts locally, on causes that matter.  If small companies like small, stay focused small.

Another option – citizenship.   Media literacy or charity work can be expansive.  

Being a leader isn’t necessarily easy… and that leaves a lot of space for opportunity. 

Source: The New York Times