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Amazon for Business … for integrators

Amazon has unveiled its new Amazon Pro Portal, which is focused on integrators and includes how-to-guides, shipment trackers, ordering process, and discounts for bulk purchases for installers focused on Alexa for Business.  This includes business only-prices for integrators, tax exempt purchases, and details on products.

More information available at Commercial Integrator’s article, which I have included in the show notes.

Why do we care?

Two things to note here on why you care.

First, Amazon has specific programs for integrators – which could mean solution providers or MSPs if you are looking at Amazon for Business.  

Second, you may not be even thinking about the AV integrator space, which is also interested in delivering services into businesses and that Amazon is courting.    Are they competitors or partners?   The answer is YES, and it’s up to you to understand how to leverage this space.

Source: Commercial Integrator