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Microsoft Teams and Salesforce integration

Microsoft has launched Teams integration with via a pilot.     Quoting Redmond Channel Partner:

The integration gives access to customer details within Teams chat conversations. Users will be able to point to Salesforce records within chats. They can pin Salesforce records within Teams as tabs. The integration also lets users modify Salesforce records directly within Teams without having to switch applications.

Why do we care?

Teams is a platform rather than a product.   Microsoft recently reoriented their compensation for top executives to align with goals around Teams, and so from a Microsoft watcher perspective, know how “all in” they are with the product.

These work platforms – Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, even Zoom – are a consulting greenfield, and clearly the next “thing”.     The value is way beyond installing the product.  Are you helping your customers be effective with them?  Solving their particular business problems with the platform?     Protecting… and exposing… the data?

Plus link that with all the discussion of establishing Digital Parity across the workplace.

Forget managing Windows.   Worry about enabling Teams.

Source: Redmond Channel Partner