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Facebook makes a leap on translations

Facebook has open sourced M2M-100, which is a multilingual machine translation model that can translate any pair of 100 languages without relying on English.

The MMT is thought to be more accurate because it doesn’t have to use English as a go-between. Typically, models have been English-centric. So translating Chinese to French or Chinese to Spanish would require a translation into English before a final destination.

Why do we care?

There’s several companies that are going to be really excited by this, which is why I included it here.  It’s not necessarily a lot of those companies, but the ones that will use this… it will make a huge difference.

On the larger theme, however, here is where AI and ML matter to a provider.  You don’t care about either as a large trend, but you care about the way they are implemented and the technologies that are created.    This is an example, and for some, an exciting one.

Source: ZDNet

Source: Engadget