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Transportation agencies are lacking cybersecurity

More data on cybersecurity – new research from the Mineta Transportation Institute indicates that US transit agencies are “ill prepared” for a cyberattack.

Quoting CIO Dive:

  • MTI researchers surveyed 90 transit agency technology leaders and found that while over 80% of agencies say they feel prepared for a threat, only 60% have a cybersecurity program in place and 43% say their plan is insufficient. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) designates transportation as one of 16 critical infrastructure sectors that, if disrupted, would have a debilitating effect on national security.
  • The report recommends a “collaborative effort” from the federal government, transit agencies, associations and other organizations to bolster public transportation’s cybersecurity efforts. Researchers called for the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) to require minimum cybersecurity standards before an agency can receive federal funding, and that funds be allocated to the development of preparedness plans.

Why do we care?

I’ll get the cliché out of the way – go sell them solutions!  

That said, listen to that recommendation – minimum cybersecurity standards before an agency gets federal funding.   If that becomes policy, it’s the way this will be enforced.   You set standards, you tie them to the pocket book, and they happen.

Regulation has many names.  Oh, and you know what industry needs to do?  Help set those standards.      

Source: CIO Dive