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Forrester weighs in on trends in Europe.. and why you care

New analysis from Forrester on the European channel – and bear with me, these points are relevant for all.

The analyst has issued guidance on 5 predictions.

  1. AI will thrive – with 60 percent of B2B sellers enabled by AI and automation in 2021.
  2. European workers will be remote – with one third of white collar workers fully remote in 2021.
  3. The European cloud will shake out in a critical year – with US companies being 46% of the market now.
  4. 30% of businesses will accelerate their spend on cloud, security and risk, networks and mobility. … and
  5. Chatbots will become a top-10 engagement channel.

Why do we care?

It should be obvious now that this is pretty solid guidance regardless of region.     We care because of how relevant these trends are. 

Note that selling via AI and automation is the theme – it’s leveraging this data to engage better.  There are even tools now for sales professionals to have their interactions rated based on algorithms for improvement.  Data wins.   Note that this is about USING AI, not developing it.  I remain confident that most businesses are not making an AI system, but instead leveraging it in products where it’s embedded.

Remote – or better, digital parity – is not quickly going away.    This is another data point around the slowness of the changes, as well as a direction to work on.

Each of these is areas to consider your offerings, and how you are delivering services to your customers.    

Source: Channel Partner Insight