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Data center growth stalls… and stays the same

Gartner with data on Data Center Spending – the analyst is expecting a rebound in 2021, with lockdowns in 2020 preventing more than 60 percent of planned facilities construction this year.

It’s also notable that AWS, Microsoft, and Google continue to push forward with no major spending disruptions due to the pandemic.

Quoting CRN:

Gartner suggests that with slow improvement in economic growth, data center infrastructure general managers should prioritize a select set of existing and new customers. The research firm suggests training sales forces to engage with customer’s chief financial officers and chief procurement officers to create cost optimization initiatives like consolidating IT and optimizing cloud costs. 

Why do we care?

Look, I don’t think the vast majority of providers are building data centers.      Gartner may be high on the rebound, but here’s why I care.

Those private data centers are slowed or paused… but public cloud is driving forward.     They aren’t slowing down.

Now, who do you think is going to win? 

Private data centers are not the future.   This is a distraction.  For most providers, focus on leveraging public – which is clearly moving forward, not disrupted, and will work for many scenarios. 

Source: CRN