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Governments big and small weigh in on cyber

The G7 has issued a joint statement from finance ministers and central bankers over the rising threat of ransomware with “malicious actors targeting critical sectors amid the Covid-19 pandemic.”

In a separate annex on ransomware, the officials said some prominent strains of ransomware had been linked to groups that “are vulnerable to influence by state actors.”

Additionally, I wanted to note local governments in Australia who are also calling out failures over cybersecurity, noting 80 percent of local councils without a cyber security policy or framework.

Why do we care?

Two data points – one large government, one small government.   We care because of the implications.  Governments at all levels are wising up to this problem, and which is the bigger constituency… the providers or the end customers.

This has bipartisan appeal.  You’re up for election at any level, and can be tough on crime and invest in small business?  This is an easy political sale.

So you care because the politicians are getting involved at all levels, and unless technologists are there too, the laws that come out will be misaligned.    I hear you saying you’ll do better than any law already – what if the law makes no sense?  Then what?

That’s why you care to get involved.

Source: IT News, IT News