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Are MSPs ready for a crisis?

 Pulling from the new LogicMonitor Future of the MSP Industry Research Report.  Quoting Solutions Review:

LogicMonitor found that only 42 percent of global IT leaders feel that their MSP’s network infrastructure or managed service infrastructure is ‘very prepared’ to withstand a recession, pandemic, or other extreme crisis. Half of the respondents answered that they felt “somewhat prepared,” seven percent ranked their chances of weathering a crisis were slim, and one percent felt that their infrastructure could not handle a crisis at all.

This information also correlates with LogicMonitor’s findings on business continuity plans across managed service providers. The report revealed that only 37 percent of IT leaders at MSPs are confident in their company’s crisis plan. Accordingly, 55 percent are somewhat confident, eight percent have minimal confidence, and one percent have no confidence at all.

Why do we care?

It’s interesting to hear that the infrastructure isn’t ready, when I was worrying about the survival on the business side.     I generally assume this is a solved problem.

Apparently I’m wrong, and I’m rather significantly wrong.    Which leads to danger and opportunity.

The danger is the “OMG you haven’t solved this!”    This is not nearly enough confidence.    Wow! 

The opportunity is simple – fix it!   You can sell that service!   And clean up your own shop at the same time.

Source: Solutions Review