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Microsoft’s new remote work policy

Microsoft has announced that it is allowing more of its employees to work from home permanently.     Quoting the Verge:

Microsoft will now allow employees to work from home freely for less than 50 percent of their working week, or for managers to approve permanent remote work. Employees who opt for the permanent remote work option will give up their assigned office space, but still have options to use touchdown space available at Microsoft’s offices.

Why do we care?

Microsoft seems like it will be the case study in that Digital Parity efforts over time, particularly as they run the productivity platform.

Note the reference to touchdown space.   As we project this trend out, it’s not about less office space, it’s about redesigned office space.   I’m anticipating businesses will be thinking about their space in new ways.  That remains a consulting opportunity too – again, often partnering with other expertise besides just technology.

It’s an exciting… and challenging… one.

Source: The Verge