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Scrooge McDuck-level embarrassment of riches: tech opportunity

Highlighting analysis in RedMonk by analyst Stephen O’Grady.   The technology landscape today is a Scrooge McDuck-level embarrassment of riches

With that, there have never been more options for trying to build a business on the internet, and a massive variety of software can both flourish and be reliable.  With this brings complexity.

This is leading to what O’Grady believes is a burgeoning opportunity for a cloud provider or enterprise software company to own the “developer experience” by building application-development tools that are designed to work together as seamlessly as an iPhone.

And here’s a key piece of the puzzle from Protocol: “The people and companies who figure out how to make customers enjoy using their tools, rather than merely tolerate them, will be in an excellent position to win business from people who like to hear a simple promise: “It just works.””

Why do we care?

There are parallels to services too – the key value being discussed here is reducing complexity.   That’s true not just in the software being developed, but also in the deployment and integrations.

Longtime listeners know I rail against digital transformation as just something you should be doing for customers.  I don’t feel the same about customer experience, and this is evidence on that value.   It’s often undervalued as a “feature”.   Most efforts focus on making sure technology does what it is supposed to, and often misses out on the “does it do it elegantly.”

That elegance of implementation can also be thought of as the premium, as this is the value that luxury brands bring.      When something is desirable, it’s more valuable… and there’s profit to be had.

Source: RedMonk