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Diversity in Big Tech

I want to highlight some reporting in Axios around diversity in tech – the headline is that the gaps are big.  The reporting did analysis across Microsoft, Apple, google, and Facebook, and showed what you would guess – male, and white dominated.   Quote:

  • In most cases, whites and males make up an even larger percentage of those in technical roles as well as in management and executive ranks.
  • In tech, these are the groups that are best paid and wield the most power inside the companies.

Why do we care?

This does match some of the research this podcast has done around IT channel leadership, released last month, revealing a cohort that is 82.31% white, 19.29% female, and only 1.83% Black.

Last story I talked about unlocking value – I’m convinced this is another area to unlock.    The studies say it.  Now who will move? 

Source: Axios