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Data on how the internet is performing

Thousand Eyes has an update to their Internet Performance Report.

Some highlights:

Yes, internet disruptions did occur more in March: a 63% increase in global disruptions compared to January, and 45% more in June than in January.

Why?   Not because of congestion, but because of increased traffic engineering.

Cloud networks ARE more stable than ISP networks – downtime is just more impactful.

And the good news – CDN and DNS providers did hold up well.

Why do we care?

The internet performed as hoped, which is good news.     The core engineering is working as intended.

We don’t need to worry as much about the core internet, and instead need to focus on broadband availability.     Nothing is ever done, though don’t spend your time worried about reliability.  Instead focus any attention here on accessibility and availability.   We have a lot of work to do there.

And we care because that work opens up more markets, more customers, and more solutions.   

Source: ThousandEyes