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Oracle vs Google in the Supreme Court

The US Supreme Court heard arguments from Oracle and Google over their copyright fight.  It’s a years old fight over Java, but the core issue is about the use of API’s.   Oracle claims code was used without permission.  Google claims the ideas around APIs are not protected works.

A decision is expected before July.

Why do we care?

This is one you care about long term.    If you’re not tracking the case, here’s your warning that it’s happening.

APIs are key to the way products are built – some might argue that you can leverage these to build businesses.       Or, you want them open to create ecosystems.

With copyright at the core of this case, it will affect the way products are built, deployed, and how they interoperate.   If you’re delivering services, I don’t expect this will impact you directly, but it will certainly do so indirectly.

Let’s pay attention.

Source: The Hill

Source: Protocol