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Gender compensation gaps to address in tech

Let’s talk about pay equity in startups – and pull from research reported in the Next Web.

As of July, women earned 84 cents for every dollar a man earned, and this is heavily reported. 

Research shows that female employees, particularly in tech, are receiving far less in equity-based awards – those valuable stock grants.

Quoting the piece:

What emerged was a gender gap favoring men when it came to distributing stock options based on retention – but not based on potential.

In other words, the data showed when it came to equity being used as an incentive to keep employees at the company, there was a significant gender gap.

Our results were backed up by what we saw in the data provided by the technology firms, as well as publicly available data of executives .

Why do we care?

My theme for diversity is always about business performance.   Want to widen your pool and out perform?   Address this head on.    The research data says companies that DO address diversity outperform.   

You understand your customers better, you look like your customers, you sound like them, you sell more, and you out perform.

Take a good hard look here.

Source: The Next Web