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COVID-19 and the Cloud

Channel Futures pulled together four sets of data – one I’ve previously discussed – in a dive into COVID-19 and the Cloud.  

Some quotes and highlights of the reporting, which I recommend reading (and link in the show notes)

  • Because of that shift from in-office to remote work, spending on unified communications and collaboration tools topped $12 billion, 7% higher than the same period a year ago, Synergy Research found. 
  • Outlay on hosted and cloud solutions rose 18%. That exactly zeroed out spending on on-premises products; expenditures there dropped 18%.

Nearly all respondents (96%) to a recent Nutanix survey said they are having trouble managing applications and data across on-premises and public clouds. The top three challenges within those realms are:

  • Ensuring data security across both environments (54%);
  • Hiring and retaining IT staff (53%); and
  • Grappling with the cost of application migration (49%).

Consider, too, that more than two-thirds of respondents (69%) told Nutanix they are not moving more applications into the public cloud because of staff’s cloud skills shortages. In addition, 44% said their IT teams don’t have the ability to manage both the cloud and on-premises environments.

The pandemic is pushing more than half (51%) of respondents either to accelerate their cloud adoption timelines or move forward as planned, per research by Faction.

Why do we care?

It’s like a roadmap for focus.    Cloud, cloud, cloud.   Connectivity and productivity.  

And it’s all moving faster.

It’s also a roadmap for opportunity – anytime customers are surveyed and say “we’re having trouble with this” is code for “providers should build a service to solve this”, and I’ll point the spotlight that nothing listed here are solved with products, they’re all solved with thought, with process, and with controls.   All things services companies do, not products they sell.

Source: Channel Futures