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Eero partners with ISPs

Eero is moving beyond consumers and partnering with internet service providers. The Amazon-owned router company has announced Eero for Service Providers, an offering that includes hardware and software tools for ISPs. It will be available in the US and Canada starting in November, with more features coming in December and throughout 2021. Eero says it’s offering the tools at “attractive price points.”

Reporting from the Verge.

Why do we care?

Two reasons.

First, I suspect there are some enterprising providers that can take advantage of this program.

Second, it’s competitive.   If ISPs can include more of the wireless offerings, this will enter the SMB market as well.   It won’t be just consumers that use this – it will be micro businesses and SMBs.  

Heads up.   When I say infrastructure alone won’t drive your business, stories like this are why I say it, and each small story adds up.

Source: The Verge