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Rebrandings you need to know about

Let’s do a round of rebranding, because this is all blocking and tackling you need to know.

  • Microsoft has renamed Bing to Microsoft Bing.
  • Alphabet has renamed G Suite to Google Workspace
  • Gmail is getting a new logo, an M made from Google’s brand colors and dropping the envelope.
  • With that, the other apps are also bring brought together with closer integration features.

Microsoft renamed Office 365 to Microsoft 365 earlier this year.

Why do we care?

The obvious first reason to care is that you must refer to products by their actual names.   That’s a good starting point.

Here’s the strategic reason we care.  Each of these companies is adding to their subscription bundle, and each move is about adding to the collective value of that bundle, and ensuring the naming conveys that value.

Think to your own managed services – this is theirs.    Each is the platform they will build more and more business value into.


Source: Channel E2E

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