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A greenfield in business outcomes as an opportunity

Some new thinking and data from TechAisle.  Quoting the blog:

Although 71% of partners offer digital transformation solutions to their customers, only 10% help their customers integrate digitalized processes to deliver real digital transformation business outcomes. Channel partners focusing on a single type of product or service cannot act as trusted partners in digital transformation. Instead, they become suppliers to an ecosystem that other solution providers are tapping into as they work with customers to evolve digital transformation capabilities.

Why do we care?

Two items to highlight.

First, this is wide open space.   With only 10% delivering those business outcomes, there is lots of greenfield.    Want to move up the value stack? This continues to be your path.

The second is the use of the word ecosystem.   I’m working on a longer piece to dive into this, but will reference Jay McBain at Forrester’s work on ecosystems versus channels.    This move beyond single types of products and services to a larger ecosystem moves them further into the future and up the value chain.   That’s a key point.

Source: TechAisle