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Twitter’s work from home investments

Pointing listeners to a bit of a long read for the weekend on the Washington Post, which dives into Twitter’s conversion to work from home, which began well before the pandemic.

Here’s a quote to consider:

“Simon Sinek, author of several books on management, said many people “grossly misunderstand” what he described as Twitter’s “progressive” approach. “Their policy isn’t working from home. It’s letting people work where they feel most productive,” he said. “They don’t need to ask permission. They don’t need to feel guilty.”“

Why do we care?

This is a good read, because it dives into Twitter’s journey around HR, procedures, and policy that is making their transition effective beyond just technology.

The culture impacts of the transition are highlighted by that quote – it’s about investment in culture.

Also of note to me – all of the experiences here in regards to those policies and procedures and culture are the “business value” example we are constantly looking for.

Source: The Washington Post