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Risk in coronavirus theatre, similar to cybersecurity

IDC Canada with some useful insights about the return to work – most businesses there are favoring “coronavirus theatre” by “prioritizing digital thermometer checkpoints instead of employee contact tracing or smartphone proximity solutions.”

Full details of the research in the show notes.

Why do we care?

I led with this because I had to observe that we’ve seen this in security too – security theatre over actual solutions.  Sell the customer what they want, right?

I’ve noted before that the exposure apps are seeing less uptake – which would arguably be a better solution.

I liken this to cyber security sales – you’ll want to ensure that you are advising your customers effectively on the benefits and risks of the solutions.    If they’re happy assuming risk, that’s their choice.   Here’s an area I’d be very concerned about the potential risk of blowback or liability if you aren’t forward and open about your responsibilities with this technology.

Seller beware.

Source: Channel Daily News