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Emulation for x64 is coming to Windows on ARM

Microsoft has announced that x64 emulation is coming to Windows on ARM.    This adds to the list of apps that can be run on the ARM64 PCs, which is 32-bit native ARM apps, 64-bit native ARM apps, and 32-bit emulated Intel x86 apps.     The emulation is coming in November, with rollout expected to extend into next year. 

Why do we care?

There’s a shakeup happening in chips, and here’s the next step on that evolution.  ARM chips are moving into the catbird seat, with variations showing up in so many different devices.

Here’s why we care – I’m expecting to see these devices, with their lower power consumption and affordability, to bring down further the cost of an endpoint.

If you’re focused on infrastructure, your toolset needs to include these, and I’d be looking at your hardware sales to understand where you can change out gear or which markets you may be able to move into with this option.

Source: Neowin