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9 trends businesses are embracing

Research out from Frost & Sullivan entitled “The Reshaping of Industries Caused by COVID-19”, which highlights nine key trends it sees as emerging from those industry changes.

A quick rundown:

  • Connected Living, including home automation and security
  • Connected Work, focused on cloud everything and subscriptions
  • Digital Health, with telemedicine and robotic care
  • Geopolitical balance, a focus on keeping trade flowing
  • Human Augmentation, with behavioral analytics and data used in health care, financial services, and cyber security
  • Lights Out Operations, those fully autonomous operations which include remote asset management solutions
  • Smart cities, including digitalized services and data analytics
  • Supply Chain Optimization, with augmented reality, virtual reality, advanced robotics, real-time inventory tracking and 3D printing
  • Technology Advancements, which is the deployment of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Why do we care?

This is your menu of business value to dig into.  Everything on this list are specific opportunities to deliver services.  

Each of these is a trend that is not new but is accelerated by the pandemic.     I could spend considerable time on each one, because they are rich areas to dig into.    Instead, consider the larger trend.  Each of these is something that had previously been in play, and is now accelerating industries because they are adapting to conditions that are now and into the future.

The great news is that any of these is a rich area for mining.     If you’ve been doing the work of examining your customer base that I’d previously outlined, you’re ready to match these needs to your customers.  

Source: Channel Life NZ