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Trends in channel company marketing and sales

Everyone’s favorite topic – lead generation.  Well, TechAisle has released some new insights into how that’s going due to the pandemic… and the answer, is not great.  Quoting the research:

  • 49% of channel partners have allocated resources and budget for lead generation, but 60% rely on leads from vendors, an increase of 18% from pre-pandemic.
  • 29% more channel partners than previously are finding social media as one of the most effective methods of lead generation.
  • 46% of partners have increased their usage of analytics to drive leads, and 60% have increased influencer marketing.

Techaisle survey research data also shows that for 42% of channel partners, driving growth is the top business issue, especially with a clear focus on increasing the effectiveness of sales and marketing.

Despite pandemic, 68% of channel partners expect revenue increases in the next year but have tempered their revenue growth expectations from 19% to slightly over 10%.

Why do we care?

If the pandemic is an accelerant, here’s another trend it’s accelerating…. The poor execution of lead generation by technology services providers.

At a high level, if the economy is worse, you know that lead generation is harder.    Thus what was “hard” is now “so much harder” and that’s the obvious answer.

Your action here should be to focus on those digital means.   Leverage as many of the programs those vendors are putting in front of you, and then also know you have to put your own investment in.  

It’s going to be harder to get leads, so you have to hustle for them.  Don’t wait.

I’ll observe that 9% drop in revenue expectations.     One more perspective.

Source: TechAisle