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Spiceworks research on IT trends: Hardware, IT Automation Down

Particularly with two more stories that are very RMM heavy, let’s make sure to talk trends today.     Spiceworks Ziff Davis has their 2021 State of IT report – so here are some data highlights, quoting CIO Dive:

Emerging technology spend is set to contract year over year, according to the report. Though adoption rates are set to rise compared to 2019, data from Spiceworks Ziff Davis shows investments in emerging technologies will contract next year.  

One example of the slowdown is IT automation. In 2020’s report, 70% of surveyed leaders said they either implemented IT automation or planned to implement it in the next two years. For 2021, just 61% can say the same. 

Eight in 10 businesses expect their tech budgets for 2021 to remain stagnant or increase, with impacts of the coronavirus pandemic driving more than one-third of budget growth for 2021.

Hardware budgets as a percentage of total IT budgets dropped from 35% of the overall IT budget in 2019 to 31% in 2021, the report finds.

 Why do we care?

My colleague Ryan Morris highlighted this too, and had three takeaways to highlight:

  • Cloud as a production environment, not just a backup destination
  • Decline in hardware spending
  • Focus on core / productivity technologies

Those were mine too.      

My other note is the slowdown of IT automation.  I wasn’t high on this regardless, and so much for that hot item.

We care as we can plan – assume less hardware, more cloud and more productivity.  That seems obvious… but have you built your 2021 plan adjusting your services revenue projections based on that?  

Source: CIO Dive