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Microsoft announces a RMM product: Microsoft 365 Lighthouse

In another announcement coming from Microsoft Ignite, the company has announced Microsoft 365 Lighthouse, which is a tool specifically designed for delivering managed services to small and medium sized customers.

The product includes monitoring and management of device compliance, threat management, and user access management, all with auditable actions.  The presentation also includes offering customer insights as a focus of the product.

Why do we care?

It uses all the buzzwords we’re familiar with – “reduce operational overhead”.   “Onboard, monitor and manage Microsoft 365”.    “Standardize”.  

Microsoft has launched a RMM.

I’ve offered an idea of new generation MSP entirely based on Microsoft – and now there’s another piece of that puzzle here.  Don’t be dismissive of this product – this fits entirely into Microsoft’s management strategy for M365, between their investments in centralized management, moving everything into subscriptions, and their cloud strategies.

I’ll be diving more into this on the weekend.

Source: Microsoft