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HP may be your next competitor

HP has announced a subscription program for hardware and services for SMBs.  Called HP Business Boost, the subscription include PCs, monitors, printers, accessories, as well as proactive remote management and pickup and return of broken devices, or onsite repair services in both offices and homes.  A premium edition adds security and accidental damage protection, as well as HP Active Care, a remote service that proactively identifies and resolves hardware issues.

This is another component in the company’s overall strategy, adding an SMB service offering to their enterprise offerings.

Why do we care?

Let’s observe that HP wouldn’t be adding an SMB service four years after the enterprise version of the service was launched… if the enterprise version of the service wasn’t successful.

This isn’t the first – I’ve covered Lenovo’s offerings too.    It is just a matter of time until all of the hardware companies are competing with a services provider.  And why not?  There’s a real logical offering here for a business owner.  

The bar is rising – you have to best these offerings to compete, but know that if you’re playing here you have to make sure you have higher profit offerings on top.  

This is the competitor to consider – a new entrant into the market doesn’t need to build your offering, they just need to resell this and manage it.  That’s the real risk.

Source: Channel Pro Network