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ASCII Group Expands benefits

The ASCII Group has added online healthcare to its membership benefits.  Offered in conjunction with a national agency, the telehealth service will give ASCII’s more than 1,300 members 24/7 access to board-certified physicians via phone, secure video, or app, with wait times under 10 minutes.    This adds to their significant list of membership benefits, including discounts on marketing services, software, shipping, cyber-insurance, and credit card processing.

Why do we care?

The ASCII Group is really expanding their benefits as a member association in a lot of ways beyond their well-known event structure.   

Here’s why we care.    I’ve been covering a lot of regulation, and in those discussions, membership associations are often cited as the focal point for lobbying and certification efforts.    ASCII is proving they have a robust set of membership benefits – will one of those benefits be organizing providers?

And when I ask “Who will lead us”… is it these members? 

Source: Channel Pro Network