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TechAisle with Cloud Application Adoption insights

Moving from cloud to cloud application adoption, TechAisle’s research reveals some insights.

Quoting the research:

 77% of SMBs say that their business success depends upon a strong relationship with their customers, providing goods and services highly customized to their needs, and being responsive to their needs. 

Recent global SMB research from TechAisle shows that within US small businesses, customer-focused SaaS business application adoption is likely to increase by 49% in 2020, rising by another 33% in 2021. Similarly, within the US midmarket firms, the adoption is expected to reach 82% in 2020, with another 74% planning to add adjacent customer-focused applications in 2021. Europe SMB research shows similar trends. 58% of European small businesses are adopting customer-focused SaaS applications in 2020, which will increase to 77% in 2021.

Why do we care?

Here’s the insight:

“The data also shows that for very small businesses, business success is dependent upon customer delight, whereas, for higher employee size businesses, process efficiency and optimization become essential. With these foundations in place, SMBs are systematically building their businesses. Still, the rate at which they can scale and achieve their objectives truly is dependent upon the relative adoption of modern IT.“

Delivering on THAT core value is the trick – “customer delight” is another way to say experience, and it’s how you engage those customers and solve problems.    That experience will greatly outweigh any technology choices.

Source: TechAisle