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How to grow your customer base 10% – digital divide in broadband

A new Deutsche Bank report on the growing digital divide – showing a 10% lower level of broadband penetration for Black households than White.   That shows Black and Hispanic people are a decade behind white people in the US when it comes to levels of broadband access.

  • How does that play out?  From Axios: Black people had to venture out of their homes 135% more than white people in April compared to pre-COVID, Deutsche Bank found, per geolocation data gathered in majority Black and majority white neighborhoods in Chicago, New York and Los Angeles.

Why do we care?

Let’s say this another way – for businesses focused on e-commerce or online delivery of solutions, a portion of the population is 10% less able to access your services.   That is market limiting.  

I’ve covered the economic divide on broadband, and I’ve covered how the US is falling behind, and here is the divide on racial lines.  

Technology services providers should care about broadband availability because it’s limiting your market.       All of those telecommunications companies… they’re not letting you serve enough of the market.   Keep the pressure on.

Source: Axios