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5G not living up to the hype

Following up on some coverage about 5G, PC Magazine has released their fastest mobile networks report for 2020.      The key takeaway?  5G does not live up to the hype yet.

In some tests, the 5G networks are actually slower than the 4G ones.     The report observes that this was true in the 3G to 4G conversion as well, as the generations are about use of new spectrum more than pure speed.  

Why do we care?

The article fairly cites that this is a failure of marketing more than technology… but my point here is that if the hype is so overblown it will actually make this entire process more difficult.  

If companies – or the industry — are making huge promises about 5G, and then customers see a 5G logo and nothing changes, that’s a huge problem for trust.      

To be forward – carriers, you’re screwing the rest of us with this failure to deliver on promises.

Source: PC Mag