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School from home is not work from home

Lots of media coverage yesterday for the return to school for many students in K-12, with a focus on the technical glitches involved in remote learning.      Business Insider focused on outages reported by learning platform Blackboard, as well as spikes in problems for Microsoft Teams and Google Drive.    The Washington Post reported problems down to the individual user, such as microphone issues or user training problems such as using the hand raising feature.    

Why do we care?

There was a lot of congratulations to spread around for the transition to work from home when the pandemic first hit and businesses transitioned.

It seems like we’re a lot farther away from being praiseworthy in the education space.     Which, for the record, IS an opportunity – but should be noted is not a winning success so far.

We’re not getting the basics right – from capacity planning to user support.    That should be an opportunity too, although it’s worth noting that collectively we must commit the resources to delivering the solutions.    To have the opportunity, those school systems need the resources and financing to SPEND to deliver it.  

Let’s keep ourselves grounded when we applaud our work from home successes.  Our school from home record is not so great. 

Source: Business Insider

Source: The Washington Post