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Augmented Reality: A use case shown in integration

TeamViewer has announced an integration with Microsoft Teams, allowing for connections via teams, but more interestingly, Augmented reality capabilities

You can share devices within Teams, and once integrated, you can then “see what they see” using augmented reality in their Pilot offering.     Pilot lets you use a phone to share their view of the problem, as well as then features like highlighting an area in the real world with a virtual circle.  

Why do we care?

I always double check myself on product launches, because yawn, there’s plenty of that.

This seems like such an obvious support tool, that I went back and looked – TeamViewer launched Pilot in October 2018.      They aren’t alone – ConnectWise’s Control product has a similar feature.  That said, they don’t ALL have it.

As I think about the provider of the future, the one element that seems to be consistent for me is the idea that people will need help with their technology, and as we saw in the earlier story, they will need that help remotely even more so. 

My lens on why we care is investing in ways to make that experience – IE, so called “customer experience” – awesome.    Not just ok, but awesome, because the ongoing value of delivering “last mile” support services is when the experience is great.    That value doesn’t ever go away, regardless of the technologies you are supporting.   Keep an eye out for new ways to deliver that service… ideas like using Augmented reality to deliver support.   

Source: TeamViewer