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Another mastermind in the Twitter hack

Another update to this summer’s Twitter compromise – turns out there may have been another mastermind in the crime….

Quoting the New York times:

Now authorities have homed in on another person who appears to have played an equal, if not more significant, role in the July 15 attack, according to four people involved in the investigation who declined to be identified because the inquiry was ongoing. They said the person was at least partly responsible for planning the breach and carrying out some of its most sensitive and complicated elements.

His age? Just 16, public records show.

On Tuesday, federal agents served the teenager with a search warrant and scoured the Massachusetts home where he lives with his parents, said one of the people involved in the operation.

Why do we care?

Here’s why we care.  Again quoting:

While Mr. Clark and some of his accomplices talked with one another on the messaging board Discord, the youth restricted himself to using encrypted messaging systems like Signal and Wire, several hackers who saw the messages said.

I’m pro encryption and I’m privacy focused, so my concern is not that the messages are encrypted.      

My observation is how smart a 16 year old is about their attacks.     Now, think about the actual organized crime out there that we are facing as an adversary, and the damage THEY are not only currently capable of doing but can continue to do.

I firmly believe it’s time for an overhaul of the way we think about and execute on risk mitigation, access control, and data management – that bucket we often call “Security”.    Zero-trust architectures are where my head is at – where is yours? 

Source: NY Times