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A small change from Microsoft with big implications

Microsoft has introduced a new streamlined setup for organizations using Microsoft 365 within the Admin Center.

Windows Defender Antivirus will be activated, as well as web filtering and protecting files with BitLocker Drive Encryption.  Notably, for the security settings to be applicable, the end-user PC needs to be enrolled in Intune.  

Why do we care?

This is a very small but incredibly telling story.

When I think of most technology services providers, it’s the 93% that are smaller than $5M in revenue.      Infrastructure services are a core offering, and that includes the standard “managed services” stack that has offerings like anti-virus and desktop management.

I firmly believe Microsoft is looking to deliver more and more services in the SMB, and commoditized services like anti-virus are an obvious place to make moves into with their foundational services in Microsoft 365.    Delivering Microsoft as a platform includes the core OS, the core office functionality, and thus also basic security pieces.

Intune is their play.     They have slowly been investing in this platform and making it more and more substantial – so much so that SolarWinds recently announced integration there rather than competing with that functionality.    

For a typical services provider now, factoring this into your offerings is critical.     As reported previously, the company has offerings coming around delivering the support services, and here they are including more of the basic components into their service.    You could build an entire new provider around Microsoft offerings, and I believe some will.     If you’re an existing provider, plan to pivot to address this, or be ready for the impact.

Source: Tech Republic