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AirBNB Work from Home until August 2021, plus impact to office space

AirBNB has extended work from home until the end of August 2021 – now the longest tech company work from home policy.

That said, new data from CBRE shows these companies ARE investing office space – Amazon adding 900,000 square feet in NYC, Phoenix, Dallas, Detroit, San Diego, and Denver, with Facebook expanding in midtown Manhattan.  The company conducted a survey, and here’s the highlights across 126 companies:

  • 79% say the importance of the physical office will decrease slightly or remain the same when the coronavirus crisis is over.
  • 61% of respondents say employees will be able to work remotely at least part of the time in the post-pandemic world.

Why do we care?

Yesterday, I commented that I didn’t see where all of that solution provider optimism was coming from for a Q4 recovery.   The big tech companies certainly don’t think we’ll be back in offices.  They are openly saying they don’t expect it.   That’s a big takeaway for me.

The physical space is changing.    Nothing will be absolute – a wonderful cliché.     There WILL be a need to get together (as there has always been) but it will not be the only way people work nor happening five days a week.

The good news is that technology and technology services enable this – the key is making sure you’re at the table in the business decisions.  

Source: Business Insider

Source: Axios