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SaaS Monitoring and Management is here

Two new companies have announced products focused in the same area on the technology services space.  That space?  The management of SaaS applications.

SaaS Alerts and Augmentt both announced their offerings.  SaaS alerts is a monitoring and alerting platform focused on core applications.     With founders from Independence IT,  the company has rolled out support for Microsoft 365, G Suite, Salesforce, and Dropbox.

Augmentt (with two T’s), founded by two former N-Able executives, has launched with SaaS Discovery and reporting, as well as usage and spend tracking.

Both are now available.

Why do we care?

I’ve been looking for proper SaaS management products for years now, and went from zero to 2 in 48 hours.   I’ve been asking for this for ages, and no company has focused on it as their core offering.

You care because with the move to SaaS from servers, you need a way to monitor, manage, and alert on these systems.    The RMM players have chosen to ignore this space, which in the long run I believe will lead to their move from core technology to second or third tier.  (Or one of them will buy the technology at some point and raise the price on you).

The problem is this – you need to know what SaaS applications are being used and how by your users, from knowing where company data is, to raw usage amounts, to location compliance, to proper configuration.   That’s easy with just one SaaS app… but no one just uses one.    Once you pop, you can’t stop…

With all of the various SaaS solutions you have to watch over, you’ll need a solution for pulling them together.  I’m going to be digging deeper into these and will report back.