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New Zealand cyber-attacks & data on remote work

Let’s take a quick tour of New Zealand.

First, the stock exchange there was halted for three hours as it came under cyber attack for the second day.     Of note, the second day – which Dave Parry, a professor of computer science at Auckland University of Technology noted shows a rare level of sophistication and determination.  

Meanwhile, research of businesses there show the reliance on work from home – doubling time spend remote working from March to July, and post COVID-19, 95% of employees using videoconferencing on a weekly basis… and 66% of employees indicated their work outcomes would be seriously impacted after one day of disrupted connectivity.

Why do we care?

The nature of the attack continues to resonate – sophisticated and intelligent threat profiles.     This is the opponent. 

Building from the story previously, there are certain changes that have occurred that are permanent in the culture of work.    The obvious statement would be “video conferencing is here to stay”, so yes, that’s said.  More interesting is the reliance on infrastructure.     With a distributed workforce, there is a need to invest more in the connectivity.  Wireless failover and end network resiliency is a service companies would be willing to consider.    Competitive businesses are going to invest here – and there’s opportunity too.

Source: Bloomberg

Source: ChannelLife NZ