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Overconfidence in work from home security

Malwarebytes with what is always catnip for me, data.  Surveying 200 IT and cybersecurity decision makers, the results show high level of confidence in the transition to work from home, with roughly three in four people giving their organizations a seven or above on preparation.  

Some 55% performed security and privacy analysis of any software suggested for their network before deploying it. However, 21% refrained from deploying software because it didn’t meet their security standard.

Despite this, 61% were able to supply staff with devices to work remotely. And 56% provided crucial training to ensure best  cybersecurity practices  were followed in a home environment

Why do we care?

The researchers note the high level of over confidence when comparing to the actual preparation – software isn’t held back, and only about half even check that before deployment.   

I don’t think 56% providing training is enough, showing 44% still in need – and this is among key decision makers.  It has to be higher in companies without those resources.   

Security is risk management, and not products – focus there.

Source: Channel Futures