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Remote work – what’s the SMB opportunity?

TechAisle with some research data into remote work.  Quoting from the research:

  • Pre-pandemic, 24% of SMB global workforce was mobile.
  • Today, the number has jumped to 51% within small businesses and 47% in midmarket firms.
  • These numbers are down from a high of 78% during country lockdowns. 
  • When working remotely, 47% of SMB mobile workforce are using notebook to access corporate data, 9% tablets and 44% smartphones. If the office of an SMB is defined by devices, workplace is defined by the ability to work from wherever those devices and their users are located.
  • As a result, 64% of SMBs are increasing investments in remote work solutions, and survey data shows there will likely be a whopping 380% increase in digital workplace adoption in the next one year within small businesses and 48% increase within midmarket firms.

Why do we care?

There is absolutely opportunity in remote work – and digital workplace adoption is also code for services.    Investing in services to make this happen is key, and that’s what providers can do.  

I’ll reference the research in that the areas they are focused on are higher value – collaboration, applications, and workspaces.  This is not the basics of networking and security.     Get your hands dirty with the business portion of customers needs and you win.    Avoid that, and you won’t get the real benefit of this demand.

Source: TechAisle